My First Car

After driving my parents’ cars for a while I thought it was time I got my own. I saved up for ages, I also scoured magazines, the local papers, and visited the local garages to work out what car I should get. I tried a little original Mini - which was nice, a bit like a Go-Kart, and I almost got a Fiat Uno, but I didn’t quite have enough money.

Eventually, I spotted a Ford Fiesta 1.4 Ghia in Champagne Gold for sale privately in the local paper, and I just had enough saved up to buy it. It was a great little car, I went everywhere in it. Living in a rural location, it gave me much more freedom, was super economical and very rarely broke down. I had it for well over a decade, so it put in some sterling service. I’ll always remember it.

Sleeping in a Storm

When I was a child my grandparents had a caravan at the coast, so we used to spend long weekends and holidays there all the time. Once when we were there (so I’m told) there was a huge hailstorm, followed by a thunderstorm with massive flashes of lightning and the rain pounding down. I say “So I’m told” because, despite being in a metal box which usually echoed to the sound of rain - I don’t remember any of this, I slept like a log through the whole thing, and didn’t understand when everyone else said they were kept awake all night.

I’d have loved one of these BurleighDouble Memory Foam Mattresses then though.

This is my entry into the #SleepHappy competition over on LittleStuff